GeoDexia specialises in bringing the best resources to meet and exceed your requirements. With well connected network across USA and India you expect nothing but the best.

Contractors and Consultants

To meet our customers demands GeoDexia provides multiple options to hire the resources they want. Irrespective of the options and durations, you get only the best resource who will be very comfortable with the technologies and development methodologies. We train them if required to meet legacy environments.

Our resource selection process involve several rounds of inteviews focusing on technical expertise, communication skills, personal and professional attitudes and presentation skills. We truely spend lots of our time filtering the candidates before presenting them to you.

Fixed-Cost Projects

We always look for fixed-cost projects, which is our most favored model meeting our clients expectations. We work with our clients to clearly define and understand the projects before quoting the cost and schedule. We setup a open and web based communication platform during the project with our clients. Clients can request for an onsite coordinator for large and critical projects.

Other options...

“Dedicated full-time works best when you want to have full control on individual developers on what and how they do your job. These highly experienced professionals are available to you 8 hours a day, 20 days a month...”
160 hours per month
“Dedicated part-time works best when you enter in to more managing products or supporting delpoyed products and services. They avaialble for 4 hour per day for 20 days or 2 and 1/2 days per week for 4 weeks...”
80 hours per month
"Hourly work force is suitable to hire highly specialized experts like, architects and layout and graphics designers. Billed weekly a minimum 20hrs is required to engage these experts..."
Hourly experts
minimum 20hrs per engagement